Celestron EdgeHD 800

Refraktor TS 115/800

On these pages I would like to present my astrophotographic attempts. At the end of 2009 I came into contact with other hobby astronomers for the first time at the Walter Hohmann Observatory (WHS) in Essen. I was very surprised at the time that galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, some of whose light traveled to us for millions of years, could be photographed with relatively simple means. Previously, I was always of the opinion that these motifs were reserved for professional astrophotographers with huge telescopes. These beautiful and enigmatic phenomena hold a special fascination for many people. Looking at the pictures and delving deeper into astronomy, it becomes clear to us that our small, perceived reality is only a tiny part of a huge process. Astrophotography is a way to open a window to a world that is usually rather unknown to us. It can broaden our perspective and bring us a little closer to those unimaginably distant objects.

For some time now I have started to gain experience in the field of astrophotography with quite modest equipment. So far I have been taking photos under rather unfavorable conditions under a big city sky.But some pictures were also taken under the dark Namibian sky.

Always clear Skies,